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Discover the Delicious and Nutritious Daily Harvest Smoothie Box

As a busy mom juggling work, family, and everything, I’ve always struggled to create nutritious and delicious meals. I love starting my day with a smoothie, but finding new recipes, buying all the ingredients, and prepping them for the blender can be such a hassle (and expensive). So sometimes, I’d resort to less-than-healthy options or skipping breakfast altogether. But then I discovered the convenience of a smoothie box, and my mornings have never been the same!

Before diving into my next smoothie box review journey, I want to be transparent. This blog post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost. This helps support my blog and allows me to continue providing valuable content like this.

Daily Harvest Smoothie Box Review

About the Brand

Daily Harvest is a brand dedicated to making eating more daily fruits and vegetables easier. Their mission is to create a better food system focusing on human and planetary health. Daily Harvest is committed to transforming what we eat, what we grow, and how we grow it, one crop (and box) at a time. The company advocates for a regenerative food system emphasizing organic agriculture and biodiversity, leading to healthier soil, more nutrient-dense foods, and a more robust ecosystem.

By working directly with farmers to help transition their land from conventional to organic farming and increase biodiversity, Daily Harvest aims to impact the environment positively. The result is healthier soil, less carbon in the atmosphere, and synthetic-free crops that provide the foundation for their delicious and nutritious offerings.

Daily Harvest Overview

Daily Harvest offers various whole, plant-based foods primarily grown in organic soil. Their products are free from gluten, dairy, gums, fillers, refined sugars, GMOs, and artificial ingredients. By freezing their ingredients at peak ripeness, typically within 24 hours of harvest, they lock in flavor and nutrients, reduce food waste, and eliminate the need for additives or harmful preservatives. This ensures that their food is always ready when you are.

Their product lineup includes smoothies, bowls, soups, bakes, flatbreads, scoops, lattes, and more, making it easy for customers to find something that suits their preferences and dietary needs. Focusing on real, whole plants, and organic fruits, Daily Harvest aims to deliver convenient, delicious, and healthy options for people with busy lifestyles.

Product Price

Daily Harvest offers a range of pricing options depending on your products and subscription plans. Their smoothie boxes, for example, start at around $8.49 per smoothie when you order a 6-8 item smoothie box, with the price decreasing as you opt for larger boxes. Other products, like bowls and soups, have similar pricing structures.

While some may argue that the price is a bit higher compared to making your smoothies from scratch or purchasing premade options at the grocery store, it’s essential to consider the value of the time you save and the convenience of having nutritious, delicious, and diverse options delivered straight to your door. Plus, the quality of the organic ingredients, unique flavor combinations, and commitment to sustainability make it a worthwhile investment.

First Impressions

A Friend’s Recommendation

I learned about the first smoothie subscription box when my friend came over one day with a Daily Harvest first smoothie pack in hand… I was instantly intrigued. As a busy working mom, I had been looking for ways to improve my eating habits without sacrificing too much time. Her rave reviews about Daily Harvest smoothies’ convenience and tastes convinced me to try them.

Exciting Variety and Flavor Options

Initially, I was only interested in the smoothies because I was tired of the same old recipes I made at home. However, as soon as I created an account and started browsing the Daily Harvest website, I was amazed at the variety of options available. There were so many unique smoothie flavors to choose from—way more than my previous frozen smoothie company offered and more than I could ever make at home with the right ingredients. I couldn’t wait to try them all, from fruity concoctions to green smoothie blends and cocoa-based delights.

Thoughts on Using Daily Harvest

Smoothie Box Wins!

Daily Harvest smoothies have become an integral part of my daily routine. After my morning walk, I love to start my day with one of their delicious smoothies. They usually keep me satisfied until I make my eggs mid-morning. I’ve found that they are convenient and easy to blend and help me maintain consistent energy levels and curb sugar cravings throughout the day.

While I try to focus on fueling my body with clean, healthy food rather than weight, my daily smoothies have helped me shed a few pounds by starting my day with more fresh fruit and vegetables, free of artificial sweeteners and sugars.

Expanding My Menu with Bowls

While smoothies were my initial focus, I couldn’t resist trying some of Daily Harvest’s bowls. I usually add a couple of bowls to each order for last-minute meals when my family and I are on the go. My favorites are the Broccoli + Cheez (a combination of broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, tomatoes, and nutritional yeast) and Herbed Squash + Asparagus Risotto (brown rice, kabocha squash, asparagus, spinach, leek, and sage) bowls. They’re delicious, filling, and convenient for those busy days.

In addition to the bowls, I’ve slowly been sampling some of the other Daily Harvest products. I LOVE the Squash + Wild Rice Gratin bake (big enough to share with the whole family, now a regular order in every box!) and the Strawberry scoops (a dairy-free strawberry compote).

Smoothie box variety

Quality and Taste That Impresses

The taste and quality of Daily Harvest products have consistently impressed me. Each flavor is unique and offers something different, making it difficult to pick a favorite. However, I love that their ingredients are fresh and high-quality, and it would be pretty costly to stock all the same ingredients to recreate these smoothie flavors at home for the same price. Daily Harvest’s commitment to convenience, taste, and quality makes it a perfect solution for my busy lifestyle.


After ordering from Daily Harvest regularly since August 2022, I can confidently say it has been a game-changer for me and my family. Fresh fruits in their smoothies and bowls have improved our eating habits and made it easier for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite my busy schedule. In addition, the unique and delicious flavors, high-quality ingredients, and convenience have made Daily Harvest a must-have in our household.

Comparing Daily Harvest to my previous frozen smoothie mix company, I have found that the variety, taste, and quality of Daily Harvest’s products are far superior. Even though the other company’s smoothies were almost $2 cheaper per smoothie, they couldn’t compete with Daily Harvest’s flavors, ingredients, and value. Moreover, I’ve never had any issues with delivery or customer service, further setting Daily Harvest’s smoothies apart from its competitors.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Daily Harvest to anyone looking to improve their eating habits or enjoy a variety of delicious, healthy, and convenient meal options. As a busy mom, I am more than willing to invest in Daily Harvest because it genuinely delivers on its promise of quality, taste, and convenience.

When you log into the Daily Harvest website, you can browse available products, select your next delivery date and order.

Best Daily Harvest Alternatives

Smoothie Box

If you’re looking for an alternative to Daily Harvest, Smoothie Box is a popular choice many people love. Like Daily Harvest, Smoothie Box offers a variety of pre-portioned, frozen smoothie packs delivered right to your door. However, Smoothie Box uses organic fruits and vegetables, and their smoothies are free from added sugars, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

Smoothie Box offers a variety of flavors, including green smoothies, berry smoothies, mango smoothies, and chocolate smoothies, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. They also provide options for adding extra protein, such as grass-fed collagen peptides or plant-based protein powders, allowing you to customize your smoothies to your nutritional needs.

While the variety of flavors might not be as comprehensive as Daily Harvest, Smoothie Box smoothies still provide an excellent alternative for those looking to simplify their morning routine or find a convenient, healthy meal option. In addition, the quality of their ingredients, the focus on organic produce, and the customizable nature of their smoothies make the Smoothie Box smoothies a solid choice for those seeking a smoothie delivery service. I alternated between ordering from Smoothie Box and Daily Harvest to keep the costs slightly lower.

Note: my experience with Smoothie Box was not great. While it was less expensive than Daily Harvest, the flavors are nowhere near as unique. The smoothies were packed in plastic pouches, which made them easier to store in the freezer; however, I don’t prefer food wrapped in plastic. Additionally, I constantly added ingredients, such as raw hemp seeds, frozen bananas, or wild blueberries, to amp up all the smoothies’ flavor and nutrition… which defeats the purpose of ready-to-go smoothie packets.

With Smoothie Box, I received multiple boxes that were not fully frozen and had to be replaced. The customer service did replace these boxes without an issue.


In conclusion, incorporating Daily Harvest into my daily routine has been a fantastic decision, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their wide variety of delicious and nutritious smoothies and bowls has made it a breeze to maintain a healthy lifestyle while juggling the responsibilities of a busy mom. From its commitment to organic ingredients and regenerative agriculture to its top-notch customer service, Daily Harvest is a brand that genuinely cares about its customers and the environment.

So, if you’re looking for a way to simplify your mornings and enjoy tasty, nutrient-packed meals, why not try Daily Harvest? You might find your new favorite smoothie or bowl, and who knows – it could be the start of a healthier, happier you!


  • Wide variety of unique and delicious smoothie and bowl flavors

  • High-quality, organic ingredients

  • Convenient and easy to prepare

  • Excellent customer service and reliable delivery

  • Commitment to regenerative agriculture and a healthier planet


  • Slightly more expensive than some other smoothie delivery services

  • Packaging can be a bit wasteful, although necessary for maintaining product quality

  • Limited options for those with specific dietary restrictions (e.g., nut allergies)

Ready to experience the delicious and nutritious world of Daily Harvest for yourself? Don’t wait any longer! Try their smoothie box and enjoy the convenience of healthy, satisfying meals delivered to your doorstep. Plus, when you use code RE-E2HYB6G at checkout, you’ll receive up to $65 off your first box! It’s the perfect opportunity to discover your favorite flavors and kickstart a healthier lifestyle. So order your Daily Harvest smoothie box today and taste the difference!

Smoothie Subscription Boxes FAQ

Q: What exactly is a smoothie box subscription?

A smoothie box subscription is a convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy delicious and healthy smoothies regularly. With this subscription service, you receive a curated selection of pre-portioned smoothie ingredients delivered to your doorstep. These ingredients are typically flash-frozen to lock in peak freshness and nutrient content, making it easy to quickly whip up a tasty and nourishing smoothie. By subscribing to a smoothie subscription box, you can explore new flavors, save time on shopping and meal prep, and maintain a healthy diet without compromising taste or variety.

Note: with the Daily Harvest smoothie box, you can skip or pause your subscription anytime through their easy-to-use website.

Q: What is the ordering process like?

Ordering a Daily Harvest subscription box is incredibly easy and user-friendly. To start, visit the Daily Harvest website and create an account. Once logged in, you can browse their wide range of delicious smoothies, bowls, soups, and other offerings. Then, choose your favorite products and customize your box according to your preferences and dietary needs.

Next, select your preferred delivery frequency—weekly or monthly—and complete the checkout process. Before you know it, you’ll receive your curated box of wholesome, nutritious, and mouthwatering Daily Harvest products delivered right to your doorstep, ready to be enjoyed whenever you want a convenient and healthy meal or snack.

View your next Daily Harvest delivery date and products.

Q: What are your favorite smoothie ingredients?

It’s so hard to pick just one! My favorite fruity flavor when I’m feeling fruity is the Strawberry + Peach. It tastes like sherbert but has extra ingredients like oats and flax seed.

My favorite greens flavor is Avacado + Greens. It contains spirulina, spinach, and almonds to amp up the healthy green smoothie ingredients.

Other favorite flavors of mine are I also love Blueberry + Hemp, Mango + Papaya, and Pear + Cranberry.

Q: How has the delivery experience been (reliability, packaging, freshness, etc.)?

Most of my orders arrive ahead of schedule and are still perfectly frozen. I’ve never had an issue.

While I don’t love the amount of waste that comes with each shipment (I try to do a big order every three weeks versus an order every week), I’m not sure they can reduce the packaging any further and have the products arrive frozen.

Each box arrives in an insulated box pack with dry ice. Each smoothie is individually packaged into a recyclable paper cup. When you make your smoothie, you can reuse the cup for drinking once you have blended it.

The individual smoothies are packaged perfectly and fit perfectly in the side trays of my freezer.

Q: Are the Daily Harvest products vegan-friendly?

A: Yes, most of Daily Harvest’s products are vegan-friendly. They avoid using dairy, gluten, and artificial additives. However, it’s always a good idea to check the ingredients list for each product to ensure they meet your dietary requirements.

Q: Can I customize my Daily Harvest box?

A: Absolutely! When you place your order, you can choose from their wide variety of smoothies, bowls, soups, and more to build a box that suits your tastes and needs.

Q: How long do the frozen smoothie packs and bowls last in the freezer?

A: Daily Harvest products can typically last up to three months in the freezer (likely longer), making them an excellent option for meal planning and stocking up on healthy meals.

Our smoothie box deliveries rarely last longer than two weeks between my kids and me. The whole house loves them!

Q: Can I add my ingredients to the smoothies and bowls?

A: Of course! When I make my smoothies, I always add two heaping spoonfuls of Sigg’s skyr yogurt (for extra protein, and it helps make the smoothie smoother), as well as flaxseed and Primal Kitchen Collagen Peptides (a protein powder). Depending on the flavor, I might add nut butter, such as almond butter, for some healthy fats or other seeds, such as pumpkin seeds.

Most of the time, smoothies also need a liquid; I use filtered water from the fridge; however, if I’m looking for smoothie boosters, I’ll use almond milk or coconut cream, milk, or water.

Q: How many servings are in each smoothie and bowl?

A: Daily Harvest smoothies and bowls are designed to be single-serving meals, making them a convenient and portion-controlled option for busy individuals. While I have no problem drinking a full smoothie, I find the bowls very filling, and I can often use them for two servings.

Q: Are Daily Harvest products suitable for people with food allergies?

A: While Daily Harvest strives to use clean, organic ingredients, it’s essential to check the ingredients list for each product if you have specific allergies or sensitivities. Most products are gluten free. Some products may contain common allergens like nuts or soy, so double-check before consuming.

Q: How often are new Daily Harvest products and flavors released?

A: Daily Harvest regularly updates its offerings and introduces new flavors and products to keep things fresh and exciting for its customers. Every time I open up the website, there are new things to try (it makes it hard to keep my smoothie box subscription size within the limit!)

Q: Have you tried the Butcher Box or Thrive Market Smoothies?

Initially, I learned about SmoothieBox smoothies from my Thrive Market subscription, which is how I placed my first order. While I love Butcher Box, I have never ordered smoothies from them or their partners.

Q: Do you use smoothies as a meal replacement?

Smoothies can be a convenient and nutritious meal replacement option, especially when you’re short on time or looking for an easy way to consume various fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-dense ingredients. By incorporating a healthy balance of proteins, healthy fats, and fiber into your smoothie, you can create a satisfying and filling meal with the essential nutrients your body needs to function optimally. In addition, smoothies can be easily customized to suit your taste preferences and dietary requirements, making them an appealing choice for those with busy lifestyles, nutritional restrictions, or simply a desire to add more fruits and veggies to their daily intake. As a meal replacement, smoothies offer a versatile and delicious way to support a well-rounded, healthy diet while enjoying the convenience of a quick and easy-to-prepare meal option.

Q3: Are smoothies okay to drink every day?

You should always consult with your health practitioner regarding your diet and nutrition. However, smoothies can be a healthy addition to your daily diet when prepared mindfully and consumed in moderation. They are an excellent way to consume nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, and other wholesome ingredients such as nuts, seeds, and protein. When made with natural, whole-food ingredients without excessive added sugars or artificial additives, smoothies can provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that contribute to a balanced and healthy diet. However, it’s necessary to be mindful of portion sizes and the nutritional content of your smoothies to avoid overconsumption of calories or sugar. Nevertheless, as part of a well-rounded diet and with other whole foods, smoothies can be a nutritious and convenient option to enjoy every day.

Q: What are your favorite smoothie recipes?

Before we started ordering frozen smoothies, our family’s favorite smoothie was the classic strawberry banana smoothie. To make your smoothies (and we still do periodically), we blend one frozen banana, 5-6 frozen strawberries, a handful of frozen spinach, vanilla whey protein powder, and coconut water.

Another one of our favorite smoothies is a chocolate banana smoothie! We blend one frozen banana, a big spoonful of almond butter, cacao powder, and chocolate protein powder to make this chocolate smoothie. This one is extra delicious with almond milk.

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