Must-Read Books for Homeschooling Moms

Enhance Your Skills and Empower Your Children's Education with These Essential Resources

Homeschooling can be challenging and rewarding but also comes with much responsibility. As a homeschooling mom, reading books about educating, learning, and homeschooling can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Enhancing knowledge: Reading books on educating and learning can help homeschooling moms expand their knowledge base and keep up-to-date with the latest research and educational practices. This can help them improve their teaching techniques and provide a better learning experience for their children.

  2. Exploring new teaching methods: Homeschooling moms can find a variety of teaching methods in books on homeschooling and education that can help them identify the best ways to teach their children. They can learn about different curriculums, teaching styles, and techniques and use them to create a personalized learning experience for their children.

  3. Developing a growth mindset: Homeschooling moms can benefit from reading books that promote a growth mindset, which emphasizes the importance of effort, persistence, and learning from mistakes. These books can help moms encourage their children to develop a love for learning and embrace challenges.

  4. Building a supportive community: Reading books about homeschooling can help moms connect with other homeschoolers and build a supportive community. They can learn from the experiences of others and get valuable advice and support as they navigate their homeschooling journey.

Reading books about educating, learning, and homeschooling can help homeschooling moms develop new skills, expand their knowledge base, and create a more effective and rewarding learning experience for their children.

Homeschool Books for Homeschool Families

The Brave Learner: Finding Everyday Magic in Homeschool, Learning, and Life

The Brave Learner by Julie Bogart distills decades of homeschooling experience into an entertaining and practical guide for busy parents. This book offers valuable advice on topics such as time management, collaboration with fellow homeschoolers, and ways to overcome the challenges of teaching from home. It also provides tons of creative ideas for making learning more engaging. Bogart's combination of wit, insight, and enthusiasm makes her book a must-read for any homeschooling parent.

This was one of the first books I read when considering homeschooling (about 2 years before we started!) I used many of the strategies in this book to create more learning opportunities in our home, even when we weren't homeschooling (yet)! The Brave Learner helps you learn how to approach the homeschooling adventure more relaxed.

The Read-Aloud Family: Making Meaningful and Last Connections with Your Kids

The Read-Aloud Family by Sarah Mackenzie is a comprehensive resource for parents looking to make meaningful connections with their children through reading aloud. It provides a step-by-step plan to help parents identify suitable books, create an effective read-aloud schedule, and foster conversations around literature. In addition to providing detailed guidance on developing read-aloud strategies, Mackenzie offers practical advice on engaging kids in discussion about the books they are reading and how to integrate read-aloud into everyday life. With its easy-to-follow approach, The Read-Aloud Family is an invaluable resource for any parent hoping to make meaningful connections with their children through reading.

As a family that stopped reading aloud once the kids could read themselves, this book was a massive eye-opener for me. Backed by research, I immediately started reading with my children again – and have continued into their teen years. This book also helped our family take a step back and re-evaluate what reading actually is – and that' it's not always starting at the pages of a book. Reading can be on a cereal box, a comic, or even listening to an audiobook. This book helps families develop lifelong readers.

Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside the Conventional Classroom

Kerry McDonald's book Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside the Conventional Classroom is a must-read for any parent looking to explore ways of unschooling their children. As an advocate of self-directed learning and an expert on home education, McDonald provides insight into how parents can create an environment that allows kids to learn without traditional schooling. She advises encouraging natural curiosity and nurturing intellectual growth among children while sharing stories and experiences of families pursuing the unschooling path. Through her research, McDonald shows that unschooling can lead to dynamic learning results and creativity.

Although we don't officially "unschool" (the idea of children managing their own learning through innate curiosity), this homeschooling book helped me see the importance and benefit of supporting my kid's exploration. As a result of this book, we have added many "unschooling" practices into our homeschool day that allow the kids to explore what matters to them most.

The Self Driven Child

The Self Driven Child is a book co-authored by clinical neuropsychologist William Stixrud and psychologist Ned Johnson. It explores how to empower children to take control of their own lives, offering practical strategies for parents who want to support their children in finding purpose and direction without conventional schooling. Through the authors' research and experience, the book looks into how kids can learn to make good decisions, trust themselves and develop self-determination. It also examines how to set limits and foster resiliency in kids and how to create a supportive environment for their growth. With its detailed exploration of the benefits of self-directed learning, The Self Driven Child is an invaluable resource for parents who want to ensure their children get the most out of life without getting stuck in conventional education systems.

The Self Driven Child is the book for the homeschooling mom that has reached a point of wit's end (particularly in those wonderful teen years!) This book supports homeschooling families that need help getting their child to do… anything from household chores to schoolwork.

Tweens, Tough Times, and Triumphs: Homeschooling the Middle Grades

Tweens, Tough Times, and Triumphs by Farrar Williams is an essential read for parents looking to homeschool their middle-grade children. Written for experienced and new homeschoolers, it gives a comprehensive guide to navigating the unique challenges of teaching older children. It covers setting expectations, developing relationships with teachers and peers, understanding learning styles, and finding academic resources. With its clear advice on creating a positive learning experience during these years, Tweens, Tough Times, and Triumphs provides parents with the confidence they need to ensure their child's success while away from traditional schooling.

As a homeschool mom with two tweens/teens, I found this book a fascinating insight into brain development and strategies for coping with this age. Furthermore, this book helped me greatly appreciate our homeschooling journey and its ups and downs.

The Call of the Wild and Free: Reclaiming the Wonder in Your Child's Education

In her book, The Call of the Wild and Free: Reclaiming the Wonder in Your Child's Education, Ainsley explores how homeschooling can provide an environment where kids' innate curiosity and creativity can be nurtured and valued. She encourages families to embrace their freedom to create a personalized learning experience that allows their children to thrive while developing a deeper understanding of themselves and their world. With its optimistic approach to education, The Call of the Wild and Free provides parents with invaluable advice on making homeschooling work for their family.

What I loved most about this homeschool book is its focus on helping your children develop a genuine love for learning. The Call of the Wild and Free book is inspired by Charlotte Mason style, which focuses on nature, reading, and pursuing interests and hobbies as an approach to learning for all ages.

Raising Critical Thinkers: A Parent's Guide to Growing Wise Kids in the Digital Age

Raising Critical Thinkers: A Parent's Guide to Growing Wise Kids in the Digital Age by Julie Bogart distills decades of research, wisdom, and insight into how parents can best guide their kids through an ever-changing world. Bogart provides practical advice for cultivating a learning environment that encourages creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills while maintaining positive relationships with your child. With sections on understanding the technology, helping kids develop self-regulation skills, fostering social-emotional intelligence, and more, this book is an invaluable resource for parents looking to raise resilient children prepared to confidently navigate the future.

As a long-time Julie Bogart fan, I was thrilled to read her this excellent resource for practical ideas to further challenge my middle school learners. In true Julie fashion, this book offers a wealth of information to understand, apply and analyze. However, I love that each chapter of this book provides practical resources to help foster conversation and thinking with your children.

Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood

Untangled by Lisa Damour, Ph.D., is an accessible and relatable guide for parents of teenage girls. Drawing from her 20 years of helping young people transition into adulthood, Dr. Damour provides insight on the seven critical changes that girls must guide during this tumultuous stage in life – like leaving childhood behind, understanding how their emotions work, and learning to think for themselves. With a compassionate approach and actionable advice, Untangled helps parents understand the unique developmental journey of raising a daughter with grace and understanding.

While not specifically a homeschool book, Untangled is another must-read for parents of tween and teen daughters. It provides practical tools to help navigate attitude, health, and wellness and help your daughter make difficult choices. This is a book I will continue to revisit as my kids enter high school.

Raising Human Beings: Creating a Collaborative Partnership with Your Child

Raising Human Beings: Creating a Collaborative Partnership with Your Child, by Ross W. Greene, is an invaluable resource for parents of children of all ages. It provides a compassionate, practical approach to raising children, emphasizing understanding and respect over punishment and blame. With this book, parents can learn to engage their children in problem-solving, develop their child's social-emotional skills, and foster a sense of joy and fulfillment in their family life. Through simple exercises and tips, Raising Human Beings gives parents the tools to create a collaborative partnership with their kids that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

This book gave me new ideas for better communicating with my children and improving our relationship. Although Raising Human Beings is not specific to home school, it is an excellent read for homeschooling and non-homeschooling families.

Practical Tips for Homeschool Parents

Homeschooling parents have an enormous job – teaching their children, managing the household, and often working from home. Navigating these demands can be daunting for even the most experienced parent. Therefore, homeschooling moms must stay informed about the latest education trends and available resources.

Reading books is an excellent way for busy moms to gain helpful knowledge without leaving home. Here are ten must-read books for homeschooling moms that can help make the job easier and more enjoyable.

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